Benefits of Eating Organic Food

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Buy and consume organic food has become a new trend in the society. It is because organic food has more benefits assessed. What are they?

The biggest benefits of eating organic food are they are higher nutritional value and is environmentally friendly. It can happen because of the growth process, the food is given an injection of pesticides or hormones in it. The only organic foods through natural processes.

As you know that, everything is still a natural will provide great benefits to the body. Here are benefits of eating organic food.

You reduce the consumption of harmful chemicals

Fruits and vegetables organically grown without chemical-based fertilizers given and may mature naturally. Because it grows without using fertilizers, you can decrease harmful chemicals from food. Dangerous chemicals doses can affect your body for years.

There was no growth hormones in meat

Organic meats should also be a choice of food, as animals grow in an organic way or not injected with growth hormones or steroids, the body will grow faster. When we eat animals which have been injected with hormones, it will affect the body and cause changes in our bodies. But if you eat meat without hormone injections, you do not have to worry about hormones or steroids.


The next benefits of eating organic food is eco friendly. It is not only harmful pesticides and fertilizers, but organic farming also takes care of the land and should not wear excessive. Treatment must be given to the land where the land of fruits and vegetables have a lot of fruit. Allowing several times for the soil under normal conditions is an important part of organic farming. In addition, organic farming efforts also reduce ground water pollution because no pesticides are used.

More nutritional value of organic food

When fruits and vegetables are grown naturally without the intervention of the pesticide, they will produce more photochemical (vitamins and antioxidants). In addition, they are also more nutritious. As is known, pesticides also cause the associated headache, nausea, cancer, birth defects, and many other health problems. That is one of benefits of eating organic food.

They are not irradiated

Although organic food is more easily damaged, but organic food is safer and healthier for consumption. That’s because organic food is not irradiated in order to survive long. As for strawberries, lettuce, meat, poultry and cabbage are some foods which should be grown organically. That’s because not only in terms of taste that much better, but also much more healthy, safe and nutritious.

More nutrients

Plants are grown naturally without chemicals are stronger and contain more vitamins and antioxidants. This makes organic fruit and vegetables to be more nutritious and healthy. So far, the use of pesticides is associated with headache, dizziness, cancer, birth defects, and other health problems.

Those are some benefits of eating organic food. Even so, to get organic food, you have to be willing to spend more money.

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