Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes

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Breakfast is very important right ? Then sometimes people think that breakfast is not important, they confuse to eat in the early morning. But by changing the habit of breakfast foods such as instant noodles, fried rice, or bread with eggs which can make your health better.

For today we discuss healthy egg breakfast recipes. Actually the process is not time consuming eggs, so it is also good if you have limited time in the morning. There are many benefits of eggs on your breakfast menu, one of which is because it can withstand satiety becomes longer. The protein in eggs is known to make the stomach is full, when they compared to protein in wheat. An egg has been providing complete nutrition to our daytime activities, which provide calories, protein, fat, and cholesterol.

The benefits of a diet with high quality protein can increase satiety, so it is good especially for those who want to lose weight. Although eggs and cereals have different protein content, but in terms of calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fat are both the same. The researchers found that people who ate eggs in the morning feeling fuller before lunch, and they actually had lunch less than eat cereal.

That is why here we have healthy egg breakfast recipes, let’s read more.

  1. Scrambled Eggs

Start your day with a healthy egg breakfast recipes, scrambled eggs. However, it does not stop here; you can still use eggs to be used as an addition to a healthy diet as breakfast. Eggs are low in fat, full of protein; contain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants which are good for your body. So what healthy eggs breakfast recipes will you cook today? The menu is simple and healthy for you and your family.

  1. Basil Egg Salad

Basil egg salad as the menu is really delicious to serve as a healthy food. Use plain mayonnaise, yogurt, red onion, a bit of fresh basil leaves, and mustard mixed with egg. Serve with whole wheat bread and then baked them briefly.

  1. Healthy Whole-Wheat Vegetable Quiche

Quiche is a pie kind of healthy egg breakfast recipes which contains healthy foodstuffs. This version does not use butter and skim milk in the contents. Mix the eggs for the content of quiche with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and herbs provide a richer flavor to the quiche.

  1. Leftover Rice Fried Rice

You often throw rice because it does not run out in one meal right? Wait a minute. The leftover rice can be utilized to be a new food menu. Prepare red beans and spices give Chinese cuisine to get a new flavor. Do not forget; blend eggs and red bean necessarily healthy.

  1. Baked Eggs with Avocado

Do you ever imagined avocado and egg fused into a healthy diet? Yes both of them can be a healthy egg breakfast recipes. In addition to a scrumptious meal. How to make is it too simple. Remove avocado seed, leaving a hole. Fill the hole with an egg, you can make scrambled eggs or remain intact. Then bake for 10-15 minutes.

  1. Eggy Breakfast Pizza

The last healthy egg breakfast recipes is eggy breakfast pizza. Food recipes of eggs arenot complete without a conventional menu. Pizza plated egg will be the right choice to accompany your breakfast. Materials needed are eggs, vegetables, cheese, and all seasonings pizza base. Healthy egg breakfast recipes provide nutrition for you.

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